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Monday, 21 July 2014

A word or three about ...... Layout Workshops in Snazzys Studio

A few words about ..... Layout Workshops in Snazzys Studio

How do you teach scrapbooking? A question I've struggled with ever since I first introduced scrapbooking workshops at Snazzys some 12 years ago.

Scrapbooking is such a personal thing, you are recording your memories through your photographs, it's your story. How then can you have a dozen students come along to a workshop and create the same page using the same products but still retain that individuality? I know you have come along to try out new ideas, tips and techniques but I also want you to take away a layout you have enjoyed making, are pleased with and which you add to your album because it is a meaningful addition to the story you are telling. I even stopped teaching scrapbooking for a time as it simply seemed too tall an order to fulfil.

After customers kept asking me why I didn't teach scrapbooking any more I promised to re-start the workshops in 2014 but I knew I had to find a way around this dilemma. In all the workshops I teach I have always encouraged everyone to regard my workshop sample as a 'for instance' of what can be created using the products and techniques covered in the class, I just needed to work out how to make that concept work for layouts.

Then it struck me - it had already been done!

When I first started scrapping, many moons ago, I subscribed to a great American magazine called Simple Scrapbooks (sadly no longer published) which actively encouraged the concept of 'scrap lifting'. Simply take the ideas, tricks and techniques which appeal to you and suit your story, from someone else's layout and make it yours. Use different papers to fit with your 'photos, use a block of 'photos instead of a single, turn the layout through, 90 or 180 degrees, embellish more or less, the list is as endless as you choose to make it.

Below is my 'for instance' for this month's layout workshop...

The focus is on making a little paper go a long way with hand stamped flowers, tickets, journaling cards, titles etc to suit my 'photo.

One of our daughters, who always tells me she doesn't do any of this, wanted to make something similar for her friend Josie's birthday, and this is the 'scrap lift' she came up with...

I though it was pretty cool with the custom pop art background papers she created, with more than a little help from her Dad, reflecting the sense of fun in the 'photos and, as wherever she and Josie's are to be found there will also be many practical jokes and much laughter, so very them! The title came courtesy of their boss who sometimes has the misfortune of having them both working at the same time lol!

Two very different layouts from the same basic idea.

If you fancy a go, to keep the workshops limited to 4 - 6 so I can help you to make the layout that works for your story and photographs, there are two session Tuesday 22 2pm to 5pm and Wednesday 23 10am to 1pm just drop me an email or call me on the new studio number and bring along your 'photos.

Hope to see you soon x

PS You can find the last six monthly layouts over on our Pinterest page



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