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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

It's all about the workshops! (Part 1)

Three of the most common questions I am asked at shows, during demonstrations, in the studio, in the supermarket, and even at the local petrol station this morning is 'do you teach workshops?', 'do you still teach workshops?', and 'can you teach me to do/make that?'

You got it, I have been doing this for a looong time and it is, for me, all about the workshops!

So, I thought I'd share with you a bit about what I teach, where I teach and the sort of projects you could expect to make with me in my studio or on the road.

Bloomin' Marvellous 1 Tuesday 10 March 10am to 1pm

I teach a whole range of workshops in art journaling, mixed media, mini books, scrapbooking and card making. I am an addicted stamper and it is rare for me to teach a workshop that doesn't include a stamp somewhere along the way. I tend to structure workshops around a product or technique but it certainly doesn't mean that will be the only product or technique you will use in the class.

Today I thought I'd cover what you can expect in one of my cardmaking workshops using some of this month's class samples to illustrate.

The first workshop I taught in Wiltshire almost 15 years ago, I christened 'Take One Stamp' because that is exactly what we did. I wanted people to really look at the stamps they were buying, the whole image and the elements, and either see the potential in a new stamp or just leave it on the shelf. I am still teaching at least one 'Take One Stamp' each month, and the photo above is typical of one of these workshops using these fab newly released stamps from Lin Brown for PaperArtsy.

Card making workshops in the studio are generally three hours long and will involve three projects to really expand your technique arsenal plus one or two much simpler cards, often made with the leftovers from the first three. The projects will all use the same stamps but with several different techniques.

I will always demonstrate the techniques involved in my samples as we go along but you may choose to use different colour ways, greetings, size or shape of cards - we keep our workshops small so we can offer you that flexibility.

These stamps are fairly large and this is wonderful for mixed media artists, those who keep Art Journals and scrapbookers but cardmakers sometimes find larger stamps a bit overwhelming, so this class will focus on how to get the most from larger scale stamps by using part of the stamp, shrink plastic, masking and framing, with some quick colouring ideas thrown in for good measure.

Also this month I have some quirky cards using Darcy's new stamps, also for PaperArtsy but very different in feel.

I love these stamps and they are so very versatile, none of the elements have to just be used as they are and I always think that is what makes stamps exciting. I still have one card to finish for this workshop - I messed up the (very simple) masking on it and yes, I will take along the 'reject' to the workshop as it illustrates more easily than my words can what went awry for me!

These are the others.

Quirky Cards Saturday 28 February 10am to 1pm

I charge £15 for a three hour workshops like these ones, but don't forget if you pay for your workshop with a Snazzy voucher, bought in advance of the day of the class, you only pay £12, a saving of 20%, so with 4/5 cards to make in each class, great value for money too!

We supply everything you need to make the workshop projects but you are welcome to bring along your own tools if you prefer.

I have had to change around the original February workshop schedule a bit and have spoken individually to all the customers whose bookings are affected. You will find the revised version here, and the March schedule is on it's way.

Thank you for popping by, I will be back later with the lowdown on other workshops, I hope you will join me then x




  1. Will Pin this post on my Classes Board as it gives clear and simple instructions on what, why and how you structure your Snazzy Workshops.

    I also look at a stamp set before purchase to see if it will work for my style of craft and if it is cut out friendly.

    Struggling to cut out stamp images is becoming an issue for me and a lot of stamp companies have strict policies about scanning a stamped image into any type of software. I completely agree with their policies but they then need then to produce images i can easily cut around or give permission for people with difficulties to scan and cut them out. We all know what will happen if that goes ahead, certain liberties etc.

    I love all the different cards you have made using one stamp. Might try that on one of my next makes if you don't mind?

    Apologies for my ickle tirade, difficult to respect certain stamp companies when they don't listen to their customers concerns!!!

    Mo:-) xxx

    1. Thank you for your support Mo. As you know I have similar 'hand' problems so know where you are coming from but sometimes you just have to vote with your feet x