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Friday, 6 May 2016

Sunlight at Port Sunlight

The weather today has been beautiful and although I have shared the front view of the Hulme Hall at Port Sunlight many times I thought I would share our little wander around the village today. We started outside the rear of the hall with it's carpet of bluebells, so pretty, and for the first time I have seen the Hilsborough Memorial Garden in it's full red and white glory.

The scent of the wallflowers was amazing as was the opportunity to visit the memorial at such a defining moment for the Hilsborough families.

This is the long view from the garden, along the main avenue with the stunning war memorial in the foreground and on past the fountain to the Lady Lever Gallery.

This is the very pretty church just off to the right with a lovely bed of tulips just inside the gate.

We carried on strolling through the village past more beds of tulips, very highly scented wallflowers and soft blue forget me nots with vistas to Arts & Crafts cottages.......

.... half timbered mock Tudors .....

.... and trees laden with blossom around every corner.

This is the building at the foundation of the whole village, the Sunlight Soap Factory with a very modern facility behind the original facade,

.... opposite Bridge Cottage, the home of the first Lord Leverhulme the founder of this stunning village for the factory employees.

This is the front of Bridge Cottage, not at all grand and a perfect fit with the surrounding workers cottages.

The half timbered cottages look so fresh in the morning sun but my favourite spot is the sunken garden between this row of cottages and the factory walls.

The perfect spot to pause and reflect on the way to and from work each day.

Around the last couple of corners with more beautiful manicured flower beds...

.... and it is back to the familiar view of the Hulme Hall where build up awaits us!!!

If you are lucky enough to have tickets to tomorrow's event do drop by our stand and say hello, #32, the usual spot x



  1. I enjoyed my wander around PS with you - hope the show is brilliant.. wish I was there - but hope to be at the next one!

    1. We will miss you tomorrow but look forward to seeing you in October x

  2. I love your post Val, not sure how many people realise the history of Port Sunlight or go to see the amazing Pre Raphealites which are housed at the Lady Lever Art Gallery.

    Thank you for sharing, hope to see you tomorrow:-) xxx

    1. Love the village, so tranquil and so much to see. I try to visit a different bit each time we come but all of it is stunning. Sleep well and I will see you in the morning x