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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Workshops, workshops and more workshops!

Hello there, you might already have guessed today's post is all about workshops lol!

In recent months we have had a number of issues around classes in our little studio.

Firstly, we have been oversubscribed on too many classes, which is not good news for you or Snazzys. Secondly, we have seen a surge in custom workshop bookings so I need to free up more teaching slots for them and thirdly, I have been struggling to keep up with the sheer number of workshops I have been teaching each month - over 20 different workshops with 50+ individual project samples in March alone! - so I must also admit I am pretty frazzled just by the sheer volume of work and Mr Mojo is threatening to leave the country if I don't lighten up a bit on the workload.

We are therefore going change a few things going into the Spring 2014 schedule to see if we can improve the situation.

To address the oversubscription of workshops, each month we will repeat the most popular workshops such as Take One Stamp and the monthly layout workshop,but it does mean the overall number of different workshops scheduled each month will reduce from 8-12 to just 6.

In order to create more available slots for custom workshops we will only be running the Stop by & Stamp and Technique Thursday sessions monthly rather than weekly, which will also have the knock on effect of reducing the number of new projects/samples which will need to be created each month -we will however be reintroducing the Tuesday evening Mixed Media workshop as we are aware the daytime slots simply don't suit everyone. I have added some general information on the type and content of the workshops we teach on the Our Workshop page on the main website.

In future I will only be in the studio on workshop days, from approximately one hour before the workshop starts to approximately one hour after it finishes, but there will still always be someone available at other times to offer help and guidance should you require it. We are however asking you where possible to book your workshops either by email, or by leaving a message on the studio number, details here, as there won't necessarily be someone available to take your call.

I have revamped the workshop timetables to reflect these changes and you can now see the revised version of the March timetable complete with images, together with the April and May schedule with those images to be added early next week. I think however we may have to revert to the original chronological order of workshops on the timetables and create a monthly blogpost linked to this, with all the images, as often people are searching for information by date rather than by workshop but we'll see how it goes - as ever we would be interested in what you think so do let us know.

I will be back with some more news on the workshop front during the week but don't forget to check out the DT blog on Monday where Diana finishes off this cycle with a wowwzer of a project.

Thanks for stopping by.

Val xx

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  1. sounds like you are doing the right thing, we can't have you working yourself to a frazzle!