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Saturday, 10 January 2015

A Frugal Journey Through January Day 10

Welcome back to my frugal journey where we have reached Day 10, so a third of the way through already. A big thank you to everyone who has dropped by, what a lovely, if unexpected, response there has been.

Today's post is all about the little stamps. When we buy a set of stamps there are usually one or two feature stamps which attracted us to it in the first place but often the smaller stamps in the set get forgotten. Shamefully, I know I have sheets of clear stamps where most of the stamps have never been inked. So, here are a couple of ideas for those forgotten treasures.


When I make something like this I do make a rough plan simply stamping out my idea on scrap paper.


As you can see I changed my mind once the plan was done!

You can use this idea for any occasion, in any colours as long as you have the embossing powders. After all how many pots of embossing powder have you actually finished? Exactly, I have dozens of part used pots myself.

Here's one done in rather lurid fluorescent colours...


... and no, I can't remember why on earth I bought them in the first place lol!


This is my favourite, some stamps and colours just work better don't they!

That's it for today but I will be back same time, same place tomorrow with the simplest ever book made from five surplus envelopes and a load of scraps. Hope to see you then x



  1. Love your idea Val, this is stamp collaging which reminds of paper collaging and there i get stuck... I must try and think of it more like typography but with images, will try this on next birthday card i make as i do like the effect.

    10 days has flown by! Am looking forward to your next frugal posting.

    Mo:-) xxx

  2. Thanks Mo. I. Have been stamping for so many years lots of techniques have new labels when I just play around with stamps lol!