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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Frugal Journey Through January Day 27


Hello, today I want to introduce you to my Junk Journal. It is exactly what you would expect, an art "journal", in that I experiment in it as I do in my other journals, and "junk" because that is all I have used to create it.
Now I am a terrible hoarder so I have loads of leftovers which I always believe are just waiting for the right project, but if you are a decluttered kind of person then you can always visit Julie Kirk (aka Notes on Paper) and her wonderfully inspiring blog. She puts together the most amazing themed packs of papers and embellishments for you to choose from her Etsy shop, which will make decorating your Junk Journal a very enjoyable breeze. Despite my groaning shelves I have purchased these from Julie mostly because I couldn't resist,but also if Mr Mojo has departed the premises and I need a kick start!

Front Cover

OK, to business, I am going to show you the front and back covers of this project today, and will pop back with a peek at the inside pages later this week. I made the covers (and most of the pages) from the flaps of cardboard boxes, really sturdy and free as well. I don't think size matters with this, so create the size you would find most useful and which fits your junk, I made mine 5"x7" for no good reason at all lol! You will see I have used gesso, plasterers tape, tissue tape and packing tape to decorate it together with some texture paste through a stencil. I have used off cuts of the box flaps for decoration too, as you can see from the little heart on the front cover.

Back Cover

I have done much the same with the back cover, just with fewer dimensional bits so it doesn't catch when I put it in my bag.

Well, that's Day 27 over with, see you again tomorrow, same time, same place with another frugal project x




  1. Clever use of cereal boxes; look forward to the insides later!

  2. Amazing Val! I have loads of cardboard saved....... heaven knows when I'll get round to making something with it all, lol! I'd love to think it might be something like this when I do though.

    Lesley Xx

    1. I made mine over several days so I was sure I had collected the right balance of pages, I think I might bind the next one together differently next time but that was the only thing I wasn't happy with xx

  3. REALLY struggle putting together journals created from junk, tend to get stuck on the page as it is instead of thinking of how it will look. Must try doing one of these again, fab inspiration here again Val:-) xxx

    1. If you pop over to Julie's blog, Notes on Paper, she did a series of posts on JJs and makes them very differently to me. Really inspiring xx